Meet Tommy Doerfler: A CanvasRebel Feature

What fuels you to push harder, try new things, and find fulfillment? For our Senior Executive VP, Tommy Doerfler, it’s following his passion.

Although his list of certifications and accomplishments is lengthy, including CPA, CFP®, and CEPA®, along with completing a 50-hour endurance challenge led by a group of Navy SEALs, Tommy’s proudest accomplishment is going all in on the things he feels passionate about. It’s that dedication that has been the driving force behind his career as a musician, his voracious appetite for learning, and his desire to consistently go above and beyond when assisting clients with their finances. It’s also the catalyst for helping those around him find motivation and direction from their own passions. From helping clients use their finances to fuel their dreams to appreciating the different values that his team brings to the table, Tommy is a firm believer in finding out where you’re meant to be and giving it all you’ve got.

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