LHWG Events

At Lighthouse Wealth Group, we care about our clients’ overall well-being. That’s why we schedule regular social and educational events for your personal development. From financial webinars to gatherings with friends, we care about your success! Are you ready to engage with other investors, get to know your advisor, and acquire tools to grow your wealth? We’re investing in you with these events perfectly designed for your needs. 

Lighthouse Events - Open to All

Lighthouse Events - Clients Only

While our currently scheduled events are listed above, we are consistently developing new calendar items for our clients and the general public. Other potential events might include:

– Focused education covering a wide range of pertinent financial topics.

– Special events that turn mundane, everyday tasks (like shredding) into group activities that are a bit more manageable and a lot more fun. 

– Gatherings with like-minded investors attempting to reach their dreams. 

– And much more!

While some of our events are open to the general public, others are designed specifically for our clients and their families. 

As you can see, from presenting educational webinars to hosting fun get-togethers, we are passionate about your holistic wellness and financial knowledge. For more information about any of our events, speak to your advisor or call the office at (615) 481-6668. 

Did you know that we’re on YouTube? If you’re looking for additional financial education, visit our channel page for informational videos and important fiscal content.