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We Offer A Personal Approach

The ever changing fiscal landscape of exciting hills and worrying valleys can be almost impossible to effectively navigate without an experienced guide. Let our team of advisors help you find the right financial services for your best goal fulfillment. 

Our Specialties

Our team specializes in the following financial planning areas.

Financial Planning

Business Owner Planning

Business Owner Planning

Business owners face a unique set of challenges. We work with business owners, not only with their personal finances, but on financial solutions for their business as well. We help from conception to the sale of a business and everything in between. Let us help you strategize, collaborate, and build your wealth so you can find professional success and personal satisfaction.
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Estate Planning After The Loss Of A Loved One

Estate Planning After The Loss Of A Loved One

The loss of a loved one can be emotionally devastating, but without careful attention to estate inheritance requirements, it can be just as devastating financially. Let us help you organize and cope with the estate inheritance requirements and other details, so that you can focus on healing.
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Planning For Retirement

Planning For Retirement

Saving a portion of your wages for retirement is only a fraction of what is needed for a complete preparation plan. We work with you to define your retirement goals. Then we create a plan to help you achieve them.

Our Financial Services

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We can’t achieve our dreams without a well-defined plan. After clearly outlining your retirement goals and reviewing our various financial services, we will help create and implement a multifaceted strategy for success! 

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You’ve planned your whole life for this moment… now what?

The transition into retirement can be fraught with more emotion and complication than you expect. Let us help you successfully navigate this life phase to find your happiness. 

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It may be difficult to consider, but properly managing your estate can help you take care of your loved ones – even after your passing. Let’s plan ahead to distribute your assets in a way that preserves your legacy, your family, and your passions. 

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Business owners are in a unique position. They have to balance their personal aspirations with their professional goals. Together, we will create and implement a personalized plan to achieve all your dreams! 

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Like everything in life, sometimes your financial plans just need a second opinion. Give us a call to schedule your no cost, no obligation review of your financial status – no strings attached. 

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Divorce signals the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. You have enough to think about during this potentially turbulent and emotional time. Let us help you find the best financial options for this new normal. 

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The decision to change careers, whether due to necessity or preference, is a brave one. There’s a lot to process emotionally and many options to consider when planning your next move. Let us help you successfully manage and grow your finances during this complicated transition. 

Getting a job

Maintain confidence that your business is properly valued and your resources properly allocated to create a profitable transfer with the careful guidance of our nationally accredited Certified Exit Planning Advisor® (CEPA). As a CEPA, Tommy Doerfler has undergone an intensive MBA-style program fine-tuning the critical skills required to ensure that you can plan ahead to properly capitalize and smoothly transition away from your business.


Picking an insurance policy, whether it’s life insurance, disability, or otherwise, is hard work. It’s nearly impossible to know which companies are really providing high quality products and which simply want to make a sale. Let us help you review the options to make a wise and well-informed choice. 

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We can partner with your current CPA to analyze, evaluate, and solve your income tax issues. If you don’t already have a CPA, no problem! We can refer you to one of our trusted colleagues. 

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With higher education comes even higher tuition and materials costs. Whether you’re planning for a child, grandchild, or even yourself; we can help you find the right investment vehicle and comprehensive plan to make your dreams a reality! 

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In the upheaval of an unexpected or untimely death, many details and practical matters can get lost through the myriad of factors to consider. We can help you unravel the confusion, set priorities, and see the big picture when dealing with a loved one’s estate. 

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There are an overwhelming amount of investment opportunities. We can help you sift through the available options to find the perfect fit for you and your family. 


Analyzing investment research 

Our first priority is to improve your financial life! In order to truly find success, however, you need to understand the fiscal concepts behind it. We take the time to explain the available options, potential risks, and benefits of every recommended course of action.

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Our Onboarding Process

Let us dispel any confusion or uncertainty you may have about what happens next. Below you will find our regular meeting cadence when getting started with our team. 



  • Get an understanding of your financial situation.
  • Learn about your current financial team.
  • Discuss what is important to you.


  • Present how Lighthouse Wealth Group can add value.
  • Describe what our relationship will look like moving forward.


  • Set up your accounts.
  • Create online access.
  • Demonstrate how to read our statements.

Review & Adjust

  • Update you on the market, your accounts, and make any changes needed to keep you on track to your goals.
  • Adjust your plan based on any updates to your lifestyle and spending habits.


You deserve a financial plan centered around you and your preferences. 

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